The “3 Keys to Miracle Success”: A New Approach to Billionaire Wealth-Creation, Leadership, Synchronicity, and Miracles

One of my primary aims here is to reflect on the “3 Keys to Miracle Success” in relation to billionaires and their unique forms of leadership. This involves integrating the Practical Key (billionaire entrepreneurship, wealth-creation, leadership, and philanthropy), with the Blueprint Key (the practice of “cleaning”), with the Inner Genius Key (the practice of being miracle-minded).

These practices lead to amazing and life-transforming synchronicities and miracles.

We also extend this approach to heads of state, CEOs, celebrities, and other movers and shakers, as well as to emerging, and aspiring leaders, and other topics as they arise.


The Practical Key – here, we explore billionaires and billionaire entrepreneurship for best practices in billionaire wealth-creation, leadership, and philanthropy.

The Blueprint Key –  here, we explore cleaning: we  are looking at removing the subconscious impediments to billionaire enterprise success, as well as removing the impediments to peace and joy in other areas of our lives. In essence this is about cleaning up the shadow side in all of us.

The Inner Genius Key –  here, we explore being miracle-minded: we are looking at increasing our ability to be guided powerfully and unerringly into miracles and positive synchronicities by our inner GPS (the Inner Genius) in billionaire enterprise success.


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